This means I listen, and I take direction well. I want our recording to be just as you envision it—and my professionalism and experience will ensure it.

Because I'm a writer, I love words and pay attention to how they sound. My technical writing experience allows me to easily handle complicated medical or scientific scripts. I can even help with on-the-spot copywriting or editing.


Commercial Scripts

Narrative Scripts

As a lifelong educator, I love children and have spent hundreds of hours reading to them in kooky voices. Educational concepts and terms are a breeze, and my time in elementary and college classrooms has made me a confident speaker.

I taught myself to read at 5 and never stopped. Advanced vocabulary and complex sentence structures are easy peasy. Emotional dialogue is my passion.

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I welcome any voice acting challenge. I am most interested in working in these areas:

educational | children's | voice mail and Internet corporate | audiobooks | historical | humor

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